Friday, July 22, 2011

How To Visualize A Great Performance

This week I would like to discuss visualization.

If you have played baseball at any level, you more than likely have heard Yogi Berra's famous words once or twice: "Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical."

Although this famous Yogi-ism seems to stump the mathematicians of the world, there is something to be said about its meaning. To be more specific, it really stresses the importance of the mental game while not diminishing physical preparation. This obvious attempt at hyperbole has succeeded in getting the attention of the entire baseball community.

The mental side of baseball is the most important aspect of your game. How do you think today's professional athletes can preform in front of 40,000 people? The answer is simple. They have already played the game in their heads. Also, they have imagined every possible situation and having done so, gained tremendous confidence in themselves.

Before your next game, whether you're a starter, closer or anywhere in between, try this:

1 - Go somewhere quiet and where you won't be disturbed for at least 10-15 min.
2 - Lay down with you arms at your side, close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths. Relax.
3 - Now imagine the field you are playing on. Imagine the mound, the smells and the sounds.

4 - When you have a complete mental image of your surroundings you can start visualizing your performance. Start with your warm-up in the pen. Every detail counts. Imagine throwing your warm-up pitches on the field. Then visualize facing a few batters. Righty-Lefty-Righty or Lefty-Righty-Lefty, you choose. By not giving the batter an identity you can prepare for every situation. If there is one batter that you struggle against you can visualize facing him. Remember that every detail is important.

Here are some tips to help you get started:
-Start small. Maybe three or four pitches to each batter and one inning.
-Use all of your pitches.
-Practice makes perfect. The more you do this, the more comfortable you will become.

If you continue to do this, I guarantee you will see results.

Remember: nothing can get you to the next level faster than working with a professional. If you, or someone else you know, needs individual instruction please contact me via email at for more information.

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